Top news: TEPCO will distribute 50 billion yen to people living close to Fukushima; protest held at BP’s annual general meeting; Greenpeace organises anti-nuclear protests in Quebec and Vienna; Greenpeace airship flies over Facebook’s headquarters.

Greenpeace Airship Flies Over Palo Alto Near Facebook Headquarters

© Kim White / Greenpeace - Greenpeace airhsip flies over Palo Alto near Facebook Headquarters

#Nuclear: TEPCO, the operator of Japan’s crisis-hit Fukushima nuclear plant, has announced plans to distribute 50 billion yen, or US$600 million in initial payments to 50,000 people evacuated because of the Fukushima nuclear accident. According to TEPCO, a single-person household would be eligible to receive about US$9,000 and larger households would be eligible to receive about US$12,000. However, only people living within the 30 km evacuation zone will be eligible for the payments. TEPCO has admitted “it has no detailed blueprint to end the nuclear crisis”.        

#BP: With excessive executive bonuses in their hands the same year as the Deepwater Horizon disaster, it is no wonder that BP bosses were confronted by protesters at their AGM meeting in London yesterday. The protests included fishermen and women from the Gulf coast affected by the spill, climate change activists and artists. Community members attending the meeting as shareholders were refused the right to speak at the meeting.  As one of the Lousiana fisherwomen reminded BP, the oil spill’s consequences are still being felt by the Gulf Coast: 'We have dolphins washing up all the time, dead turtles washing up everywhere, starfish and worms off the bottom. It's not gone, it's there, and BP is not paying the claims.”

#Nuclear: Anti-nuclear protests continue all over the world.
On Wednesday, eight Greenpeace protesters were arrested at two anti-nuclear protests in Quebec. The protestors were calling onto Hydro-Québec company to shut down its sole nuclear generating station, Gentilly-2, rather than rebuild it at a cost of $2 billion. “The citizens of Quebec shouldn’t be forced to live with nuclear risks when solutions exist,” added Eric Darier from Greenpeace Quebec.

On Thursday, Greenpeace activists created a symbolic evacuation zone in front of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) headquarters in Vienna. The activists called on the representatives of countries attending its safety committee meeting to move towards a global phase out of nuclear energy and the end of the nuclear age. 

#Unfriend Coal: We are still thrilled about our world record for most Facebook comments and it seems that the rest of the world is too! The story of the Guinness record setting action and our activists’ visit to the  Facebook headquarters is being covered all over the world – from The Independent in UK, Angola Press to El Manana in Mexico.

As part of the ‘Unfriend Coal’ campaign, Greenpeace also flew an airship over Facebook’s headquarters in Palo Alto in California. Want to see the picture of the flying beauty and read all the 80,000 record comments? Then check out our Unfriend Coal Facebook page.        

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