© Greenpeace / Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert

Top news:  Japan’s practice of  buying small countries’ votes to back whaling under fire; Australia will tax its heaviest polluting companies in order to tackle climate change; new endangered species are identified in Canada; sea-monsters are not just fish tales! 

#Oceans: As the International Whaling Commission meeting gets underway in Jersey, Japan usual pressure to end the ban on commercial whaling seems unclear, while its practice of “vote buying” to get support is once again under scrutiny. Greenpeace has long accused Japan of buying smaller IWC countries’ votes using cash and commercial aids.

#Climate: The Australian government is about to launch a new ambitious programme to tackle climate change by taxing polluting companies. From next year, the country’s major 500 polluters will pay AUS $23 per tonne for their CO2 emissions and it will be the largest emissions trading program outside Europe. "The fact that we have any price at all is testament to all Australians who demanded the government take action on climate change," Greenpeace Australia Pacific CEO Linda Selvey said in a statement. "But equally, the fact it is such a low price, with such limited coverage is testament to the power of the big polluters to dominate Australia's political leadership."

#Oceans: Greenpeace Canada has updated its Canadian fish ‘Red List’ by adding new endangered species. Six more species has been added to the list as part of a wider report on fishing and seafood sustainability in Canada. The report also highlights that only 37% of Canadian supermarkets match sustainability criteria defined by Greenpeace.  

#Sea monsters: Sea-monster sightings are more than fish tales, according to Charles Paxton, from St. Andrews University in Scotland. He thinks that, without any doubt, there are still unknown creatures out in the oceans – perhaps even ‘sea-monsters’. His conviction is a result of the fact that the rate at which we are still discovering unknown animals hasn’t completely flattened out!