It's rough in the Bering Sea - storms, ice, fishermen... Get a taste for a fishes life with Greenpeace USA's new game, The Deadliest Catch.

Game wise it's pretty old school. (Reminds me fondly of those Atari 2600 times.) The sea lions are pesky, but the nets are the real nightmare. Almost inescapable, just like real life. When you're done playing, don't forget to sign the petition asking the North Pacific Fisheries Council to take better care of the pollock.

Pollock don't have the charisma of dolphins, but they're vital to the Bering Sea ecosystem. Marine mammals, predatory fish and seabirds are already starving to death because pollock stocks have dropped so low. More than half of the US fish catch also comes from Alaska - meaning, a healthy pollock stock is needed for long term economic (as well as ecological) sustainability.