Fat Freddy's Drop keyboard player Dobie Blaze and trombone player Ho-Pepa check out an arm piece of a colossal squid - the largest squid in the world. © Phil Freeman 2006

New Zealand band Fat Freddy's Drop has got in behind the bottom trawling campaign this week by doing what they do best. The band has released a funky new video remix of one of their songs cut in with images and footage from the deep sea.

Dobie Blaze, Fat Freddy's Drop keyboard player and a keen recreational fisherman, is particularly concerned about the impact of bottom trawling on deep-sea life and the future of fishing. He and trombonist Ho-Pepa made a special trip to giant squid expert Steve O'Shea's lab to check out the evidence for themselves..

You can help them spread the word by bombing it on videobomb and rating it on youtube.

If you want to grab a copy and email it on you can download it here

But wait there's more!

The band is also auctioning 6 limited edition autographed Protect Deep Sea Life t-shirts online to help raise money for the campaign. You can bid online at this week if you live in New Zealand or Australia..