Our ships Rainbow Warrior and Esperanza are both in the Mediterranean, to unite our efforts to highight the threats to tuna and other iconic species such as swordfish. Tuna is of course far more likely to be on your dinner plate than whale, but it may not be on your plate at all for long. Our new report reveals the backwards attitudes in the Mediterranean is threatening the very survival of not only tuna but also species of dolphin and whale.

Linking three continents and abundant in an astonishing array of marine life, the Mediterranean Sea is an ecological treasure chest for the planet. The wealth and beauty of the Mediterranean faces devastating threats from overfishing, illegal fishing, pollution and climate change. A network of marine parks can protect the health and lives of the people and animals that live in and depend on Our Mediterranean.

We urgently need to establish a network of marine reserves across the Mediterranean Sea to safeguard its productivity, its marine life and its ecosystems - now and in the future.

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