People are at the heart of Greenpeace, and this couldn't be more true for the Detox Outdoor campaign.

Protecting nature and providing a toxic-free environment is all of our goal, and it especially should be for the companies that rely on pristine nature for their business: the outdoor brands. PFCs are persistent chemicals. They enter the food and water chain and some can be dangerous to human health; disrupting the hormone and immune system. Some are potentially carcinogenic. The outdoor sector continues to use PFCs to waterproof their gear, but pioneer brands have already replaced PFCs with clean, high-performance alternatives.

Our goal is to challenge big outdoor brands to eliminate PFCs and all other hazardous chemicals from their production and become Detox Champions. While Greenpeace has the technical know-how of the problem, we don't have the power to drive the change alone.

To challenge the outdoor sector, we need you: outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, the people outdoor brands listen to most, to tell us your ideas of what activities and tactics we can use to get rid of PFC's in outdoor gear.

A creative workshop held in Greenpeace Taipei office. New ideas came up! © Greenpeace Taiwan

Following the principle of Open Campaigning, Detox Outdoor is based on collaboration and co-ownership: we are not just asking you to sign petitions but also invite you to get involved in every stage of our campaign and build it together with us. Read more about how we want to make this change happen here.

We want to empower you to join us in investigating which brands are using PFCs. We want you to directly input into the campaign via public online and offline discussions, and to submit your ideas for coming events.

Starting today, from Slovakia and Switzerland, to Taiwan and Chile, alpine associations, hiking groups and outdoor-loving people everywhere will be meeting up and designing activities and tactics for our Global Week of Action that will take place in early 2016. We want to know what are your best ideas for how we can achieve a toxic-free future!

Join in the fight for uncontaminated great outdoors. Contribute your ideas here.

© Greenpeace

During the Global Week of Action our voices will be heard loud and clear as we stand together for the great outdoors. From every corner of the world, we will make art, scale mountaintops, and challenge outdoor brands to Detox.  Tell us what you would like to do to Detox the outdoor sector and we will help make your great ideas a reality.

Together we can Detox the Great Outdoors and achieve a toxic-free future!

Edyta Sitko is the engagement lead for the Detox Outdoor Project with Greenpeace South East Asia.