Test Your Outdoor Gear

Most outdoor brands are still addicted to dangerous chemicals called PFCs as our quest just showed. But how bad is this addiction? Most of the companies you asked didn't give a clear answer about which of their products contain PFCs. It's time to find out ourselves then: let's take this investigation a step further and conduct our own lab tests!

In a previous test, Greenpeace Germany already confirmed that many outdoor jackets contain PFCs. This time we want to know from you which brands and gear you want us to test for hazardous chemicals.

This is your chance to find out if your favourite product contains PFCs. You can choose brands and products here and we will send those with the most votes to a specialised lab to get them tested. Ask your friends to vote for products as well and join our movement of outdoor lovers!

We are thrilled to involve Greenpeace supporters for the first time in the selection of the products we test. It's really important to us that we test brands and products that outdoor lovers like you care about. That's because the Detox Outdoor campaign is an #open campaign in which your role will be crucial. You will not only be able to take part in the investigation by voting for products but also in all further steps on our journey to detox our favourite outdoor brands together.

Every one of us can make a big difference in this campaign. If you tell your favourite outdoor brands that you don’t want to be involved anymore in polluting nature with persistent chemicals like PFC, they will listen. Together we can support them to get rid of their PFC addiction and become true Detox Champions. Outdoor lovers like you and me have the power to make this change happen. Now!

Mirjam Kopp is the Detox Outdoor Project Leader for Greenpeace Switzerland.