UPDATE June 2014 - Great news! adidas has agreed to stop the greenwash and come clean. Read more...

Do you remember the last football match you went to? The incredible atmosphere fuelled by thousands of passionate fans, all united behind a team they believed in. None of football’s greatest achievements would have been possible without the inspiring support from the stands.

Today, we need your support. How? To create the biggest-ever digital Mexican wave and create a movement for toxic-free football. We have started the #DetoxWave but now it’s over to you.

To get involved all you need to do is record a own 6 second wave on your smartphone using Vine, tag it #DetoxWave and send a message from the stands to Herbert Hainer, the CEO of adidas: time to go all in for Detox!

Be part of the wave:

Once you have done your wave, pass it on! Tell your friends and then check out all the waves from around the world here.

Detox is a global movement of people raising their hands for a future free from hazardous chemicals and acting to make it a reality. It’s time Mr. Hainer and adidas listened to the wave for change and stopped wasting time with paper promises.

Help us make a wave that Hebert Hainer and adidas can’t ignore!

All in or nothing?

In 2011 adidas showed it knows how to listen to its customers, promising people everywhere it would act like a Detox leader by driving the charge to eliminate hazardous chemicals for good. Unfortunately, they have proven to be all talk. Repeated studies have uncovered dangerous chemicals in adidas’ products - most recently in their iconic World Cup collection.  Ironically, adidas expects to make record profits from these models during this year’s Cup.

More than half a million people - parents, fashion lovers, activists and now football fans – have joined the call for a toxic-free future, convincing 19 major brands to Detox. Unlike adidas, most of these brands are already working with their suppliers to eliminate hazardous chemicals from our environment, acting with the transparency and responsibility they committed to.

Take action

Let’s remind Hebert Hainer of his brand’s commitment to Detox. By amplifying our demands and spreading the wave we can convince adidas to retake its position as the toxic-free pioneer it has the potential to be.

Join the #DetoxWave.


Hanno Groth is an online campaigner at Greenpeace Germany. He tweets @Hannogroth.