OK peeps, help us settle a discussion we had in the office yesterday about how we're visually celebrating our win of the Kit Kat campaign.  (You know, the one where Nestlé agreed to stop buying palm oil from those who level Indonesian rainforests to plant palm oil trees, helping to kill our climate and making orang-utans homeless in one fell swoop?)

We posted a graphic of an orang-utan in party regalia.  A few voices (well, one in particular anyway, who shall remain nameless but happens to have a deep scottish burr) found it an insult and unfunny, but admitted that he had a pet peeve about anthropomorphizing images of animals.  Some of us sort of agreed, some of us (non)violentally disagreed, all were in accord that it was an interesting question.  So you tell us: funny? Not funny? appropriate? off? You can fill out the tweetpoll below or leave a comment.  Whatcha think?

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