This is an invitation from our electronics campaigners, to the industry, to show off the best they've got on the market:

Greenpeace International will be releasing the third edition of the Green Electronics Product Survey at the end of 2010. Greenpeace is now searching for electronics companies that manufacture laptops or netbooks, PCs, TVs, monitors, and/or mobile phones/smart phones to submit technical information to highlight their greenest products on the market.

The deadline to submit all product information is August 20, 2010.

Each company is invited to submit three products in each category. We will then rate the submitted product information based on our criteria. The results of these surveys will be released in our next edition of the report, published on our website and released to journalists.  


Since August 2006 we have assessed the environmental policies of consumer electronics companies through our Guide to Greener Electronics.

Companies are making increasingly stronger commitments to eliminate toxic chemicals, increase their products’ energy efficiency and improve their recycling efforts by embracing financial responsibility for their electronic waste. With this product survey we seek to comprehensively assess the state of green products coming into the global marketplace, looking even beyond our initial criteria in the Guide to Greener Electronics.