Eoin Dubsky photo

I'm Eoin, which is Irish and sounds like "Owen".

[UPDATED March 2009] My wife and I just had a baby boy last November! ...But I suppose I should stick to writing about myself and how I got here. Here' goes: My mum's an environmentalist, so I started this stuff as a child. Campaigning to protect local wildlife habitats was a sort of gateway to international campaigns, then to peace and disarmament campaigns, and student activism, and politics and all sorts of fun.

Then in 2006 I got a job at Greenpeace International, and moved to Amsterdam. Since then I've been working on campaigns like climate change, genetic engineering, forests, oceans, and whatever else is going. (I work in the Communications department as an online organizer.)

I've only been on the Greenpeace ships while they were visiting Amsterdam, and though I'm told "you have to go", I'm quite happy with my feet on dry land for the moment.