real climate leaders wantedIt's nice when occasionally big political institutions agree with you. Last week we launched our IT Climate Leadership Challenge, looking for IT leaders to raise their game on tackling climate change. Yesterday the EU Commission followed with a new proposal on IT and its role in tackling climate change:


Today the Commission announced its intention to set out concrete measures that will pave the way for ICT to contribute to energy efficiency gains and emission reductions. It will also call on the ICT sector to lead the way by setting itself concrete targets to become more energy efficient, by collectively agreeing a common approach to measuring energy performance and benchmarking progress.


The Commission also announced a new public consultation to establish a common base for commitments to and claims of improved energy efficiency. Only by identifying who does what within the set deadlines, that targets have a real chance of being achieved.

Unfortunately there's no mention in their press release about the need for the IT industry to push for a strong deal at the vital meeting on the Kyoto treaty in Copenhagen in Dec. Maybe that's because the EU is struggling it's self to show climate leadership right now.

What is promising is the fact that the EU Commission is calling on companies to set concrete targets for themselves, we've put numbers on that ask to IT companies:


Measure the company's absolute emissions and commit to cut them by at least 20 percent by 2012.


This EU consultation should also push companies to prioritise carbon reduction solutions they can provide and have done the right homework to prove that those solutions can reduce overall emissions across the economy, much like our ask to the industry:


Prioritise those technologies and product development lines that cut greenhouse emissions across the economy.


So the challenge is out there and not only from us. So which company will be the first to rise to it?