Were you thinking about Zara fashions for this season? Maybe these images will make you think twice. There's a good reason even the 'mannequins' are walking out of Zara's stores in protest. Zara has a toxic little secret... and it's in the clothes. Certain clothing items have been tested in an independent labratory and been found to contain hazardous chemicals, some of which can even break down to become hormone-disrupting and cancer-causing substances when released into the environment. It's nasty stuff.

Hazardous warning on price tags for Zara

This past Saturday was a busy shopping day, and in over 80 cities around the world shoppers were treated to 'mannequin' walkouts at Zara stores. In Istanbul, Zara mannequins struck a pose in the street outside the shop, instead of in their normal place in the store front - and their price tags warned shoppers of the hazardous chemicals in the fashion.

A similar scene played out in cities like Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Prague and even on one of the world's most famous fashion streets: the Champs-Élysées in Paris. In the fashion capital 'mannequins' in Zara's clothes walked out into the busy Saturday crowds to demand toxic-free fashion, while in Germany 'Detox' symbols could be seen in the windows of Zara stores in 23 cities.

At every store the managers were asked by Greenpeace volunteers to pass on the Detox demand to their headquarters. Some managers were more willing than others, but in many cases the staff of Zara stores seem much faster at picking up on the fresh appeal of toxic-free fashion than their executives.

Detox symbol in Zara store fronts across Germany

Zara can make fashion without pollution. We're challenging them to eliminate toxic chemicals from the production of their fashion - that means they will need to work with their suppliers all over the world, including China. And Zara's toxic fashion reputation isn't just trending on Facebook and Twitter - but also on Weibo, one of China's most popular social media sites.

Mannquins strike a pose in Athens, Greece

More than 700 Greenpeace volunteers were involved in creating this weekend's Zara 'mannequin' revolt in 20 countries, and (while writing this) nearly 300,000 people have already asked Zara to Detox and eliminate hazardous chemicals from their fashion. Now the only question is when will the world's biggest fashion brand, which reacts so swiftly to changes in fashion trends, react to this toxic-free trend?

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