Anti nukes protests in Indonesia

Here's some kick-ass good news from Indonesia. The Ulama (Islamic Religious council) of Central Java, the most powerful body in Indonesia when it comes to influencing presidential decisions, after a lengthy debate has passed a fatwa declaring the proposed Nuclear power plant in Muria, Java, Indonesia as HARAAM (forbidden).

The Ulama has called upon the Indonesian government to stop all activities related to the building of the nuclear power plant, including onsite research as it has caused tension and stress amongst the community.

A few of the arguments that led to this:

1. The harm (mafsadah) of the plant is much more grave than any benefit (maslahah)

2. The government is obliged to ensure peace amongst its citizens

3. The government plan to build the plant has caused insecure feelings and tensions in the community

This could mean an end to all future plans to develop nuclear power in Indonesia, so all ye folks who sell wind, solar, and wave power need to jump in there.