So there we were with Wilma, Fred, Barney + friends taking a simple message, in a flintstones car to the European Parliament. Stop listening to the stone-age bilge of the car lobby, and start standing up for the climate.

If they don’t then the EU might fail to meet its climate targets under Kyoto.

Fred’s car started at the offices of the European car industry lobby group, ACEA this morning. All was going along swimmingly – until we lost the flintstones (and friends).

Here’s a blog from John, our car campaign team leader about what happened.

Everything started well at 1000 hrs this morning.

The Fintstones car, with six cavemen, arrived at the ACEA offices. Their Communications Director came out, received a copy of Driving Climate Change, and spoke with Agnes our car campaigner.

The car then set off for the European Parliament, winding its way through the streets of Brussels.

Just when we were close to the Parliament our path was blocked by a police van and a number of police on the roadway. Before we knew it, there were four police vans, 1 police car, and at least 20 police.

All six cavemen and our three road safety marshals were arrested and are currently in custody. The car was confiscated.

A tow truck came for the car but could not manage to lift it - it is not exactly normal car design! So, when we left there was one policeman still there guarding the flintstones car abandoned in the middle of the road.

So, we never made it to the parliament – they wouldn’t even let us take our stone tablet – with the message “stop driving climate change.”

But we think the message has been made pretty clearly, all the same.