The Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior served as center stage on wednesday for a flotilla assembly deep in the Amazon. Boats travelled, some for more than a day, to join the assembly and give testimonials of the destruction threatening their survival in the forest. The riverboats tied lines between them to create a floating platform around the Rainbow Warrior and passed a microphone between the families as they demanded implementation on the laws governing their already protected land.

The boats arrived with entire families, sometimes three or four generations, to demand an end to the lack of governance that is destroying the forest they rely on. Hundreds came together at the meeting of the Jaruacu and Xingu Rivers just a day after community leaders and activists from the Rainbow Warrior declared an end to the auction of an illegal logging farm on public lands.


Learn more about the “Not for Sale” action yesterday and the Verde para Sempre Reserve.

The local and federal government’s reaction to the widespread illegality destroying the Amazon is slow and inadequate. Greenpeace is calling for a Zero Deforestation Law in Brazil.

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