Shopping at Raspail Market in central Paris, one of the largest ecological markets in Paris.

Today is World Food Day and food lovers have found some fabulous ways to celebrate.

Food that's good for people and our planet is a human right: from farmers in Argentina and city folk in France, to children in the Philippines and foodies in the USA, food that's organic, local and seasonal should be a delight we can all enjoy. That's why we're urging governments to ensure ecological food is available for all, at a fair price for food lovers and farmers.

We also know that change begins at home, so for World Food Day this year, we have gathered together some fun ideas to try out with family, friends, work colleagues or in your community. Here's our top 5:

1. Challenge yourself to buy a basket of ecological produce to hand out to workmates & friends on the day.

2. Host a lunch or dinner, featuring ecologically produced food.

3. Support someone in need by cooking an ecological meal to give away.

4. Get your hands dirty. Challenge yourself to visit a farm or community garden, and donate 1 hour of your time.

5. Keep on using your power to fix the broken food system. Here are 12 more great ideas designed to kick-start an eco-food revolution!

The Odek family comes together in Lambwe Valley, Kenya. Laurence Odek is a pioneer of the 'push-pull' system of farming, an ecological system that works with the environment.

If you have other ideas about fun things to do for World Food Day, please visit, or drop us a line in the comments section!

Amanda Graupner is the Head of Mobilisation for the Food and Agriculture campaign at Greenpeace International.