20 April 2009 Organic potatoes

Zeeland, Netherlands - Close-up of potatoes from Farmhouse Aloys Michielsen in Heikant. © Greenpeace / Bas Beentjes

Wondering what you should write about for Blog Action Day this Saturday? We'll be writing about ecological farming – a subject close to our hearts (and stomachs). You should pick anything about food that inspires you personally.

Here's a list of ideas, and here's a whole bunch of photos you can use. Find the thing about food that gets you typing. It shouldn't be hard. Food is a part of all of our lives. It's a universal and diverse as humanity itself.

How to join us: Register to participate so the Blog Action Day folks know you're taking part. Post something on the subject of food this Saturday, October 16th. (Or if you're not posting something yourself, help by spreading the word via email, Facebook and Twitter.) Feel free to use these photos for inspiration and to illustrate your posts. (But please credit the photographer and Greenpeace.)

Looking forward to whatever you write. Share your thoughts about food in the comments to help other people get going.