Update from Daniel at the summit -

As G8 leaders are just sitting down for their last lunch, a special G8 menu has mysteriously appeared at the G8 media centre. They have served us nice cake and coffee here over the last few days. But the G8 leaders clearly were not content with sipping champagne behind the security fence and served up a different menu to the rest of the world. After a cocktail they sat down to "eight prawns grilled under a warm climate" and they finished off their meal with a "Not so Easy to Digestif". I wish our leaders put as much effort into saving our planet as some wonderful NGO colleagues put into this funny spoof!

The G8 did not deliver what they needed to. But I leave Heiligendamm more upbeat than I expected. Greenpeace did a wonderful and dramatic action, that - as one TV presenter today told me - "produced the best Greenpeace pictures in years". We raised the temperature on climate change and now have a real fighting chance to achieve progress at the next climate conference in Bali in December. The G8 failed the world, no question about it. But the G8 also felt the pressure from the real world - from all of you. We live to fight another day. Please help us build up the pressure further. You can start by joining our energy revolution