About a month ago the Greener Electronics campaign released videos on the popular gaming site Kotaku targeting console manufacturers Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo (makers of the ever-popular yet not-so-green) Wii:

The reactions from gamers were a little bit less 'you make a good point' and a little bit more 'piss off'. So, in the grand Greenpeace tradition of persevering in the face of taunting - we tried again. This time Tom (coordinator of the Greener Electronics campaign and occasional blogger on Making Waves) responded directly to the criticisms/doubts/annoyance the gaming community expressed with the campaign that targeted their much-loved gaming consoles.

And the positive results can be witnessed in the comments, which transformed from things like:

"FU Greenpeace."


"Last time I check my house had more PVC in it than all the consoles I've ever owned combined. Not to mention my 8 foot PVC potato cannons, fueled by hairspray. TAKE THAT Greenpeace!"


"I want to thank you for your well-written article. The angles you cover are helpful and comprehensive."


"I believe that we can ultimately find solutions to these issues if we all work together and keep a level head."

Not only that, but a healthy debate on what is necessary to create greener consoles, and our responsibilities as consumers towards the electronic waste we create, happened in the comments. I wanted to share that, because - well, it was nice.

As for this 8ft PVC potato cannon fueled by hairspray - I'll believe it when I see it. [Hint: please include link to photo of said cannon in the comments. Thanks in advance.]