Well, it's good to see that someone's benefiting from global warming - an Inuit microbrewery in Narsq, Greenland, has foisted 66,000 litres of a new ale - Greenland Beer - onto the Danish market - using the pure meltwater from the island's ice cap. It's a novel idea, I guess - stopping the rise of our sea levels by storing the excess water in the bladders of beer drinkers and slipshod environmentalists.

Greenland ice cap beer launched

Greenland measures is 2.2 million square km - 85% of which is covered with ice up to 4,000 metres thick!

Spotted on boing boing.net and warrenellis.com

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Melting Greenland fuels sea level rise

"The latest reports on increased levels of glacial discharge, in the journal Science, reports the amount of ice being dumped into the ocean from the Greenland Ice Sheet has doubled in the last 5 years. Scientists had thought that global warming did not yet significantly threaten the ice sheet and it would take over a thousand years to break down"