Bula again everyone. This is my last blog from the Rainbow Warrior. I just want to reminisce about what has transpired during this first part of the East Asia Ocean Defenders Tour in Taiwan. First of all I just want to state what a beautiful place Taiwan is, it's truly 'Asia's best kept secret ’. Also the people are so friendly and of such generous spirit. I also want to say what a privilege it is to be onboard the Rainbow Warrior on one of its last voyages before retirement this year - with the exceptional men and women onboard who perform well above the call of duty bestowed upon them. The campaign team as well has been awesome on this ship tour. Also it’s a wonderful feeling to be onboard a vessel with people from all over the world with different backgrounds, languages, way of life and yet have one clear goal in mind: standing up for our planet and in this instance our Pacific Ocean.

Sometimes it feels as if these are impossible tasks because there are seemingly overwhelming barriers in our way. The huge corporation behind the scenes, ineffective legislation and offices that don’t want to implement it, corrupt officials and practices and a thousand more.

But I love what Mahatma Gandhi once said ‘ First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. On the blackboard in the Rainbow Warrior someone wrote that they are fighting us now so these must mean that however bleak the outcome of the battle is now, victory for our oceans is within sight. It takes exceptional commitment and courage to be involved in battles such as these.

So we go on with our campaign and we invite people from the Pacific and the world to stand with us. Bon Voyage Rainbow Warrior and Greenpeace, Go You Good Thing! The ship will go to Hong Kong over the Chinese New Year to continue its campaign before calling into South Korea. Another significant fishing power of the region.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far!

-- Ron

Ron is a Pacific Island activist and deckhans currently on board the Rainbow Warrior for the East Asia Ocean Defenders tour in Taiwan.