stop shellMr. Jorma Ollila is the Non-Executive Chairman of Shell. He also happens to be the former CEO of mobile phone giant Nokia. Finnish National Broadcast Company YLE is offering you a chance to ask Ollila anything. He will be a guest on a morning TV show “Ykkösaamu” on Saturday May 5th at 10:05 am (Finnish time).

The TV channel is collecting questions from viewers online - and we certainly have a few of those, regarding Arctic drilling. Like "why in the world would you think drilling in such a fragile environment, home to unique species already under pressure like the polar bear is a good idea?"

Send your question to Jorma Ollila on the Finnish Broadcast company site.

If you're not sure what to ask, here are some questions we'd have liked to ask Shell in the past, or some reasons why we oppose Arctic drilling.

Instructions & translations:

1) Write your question in the first box. Name and email are optional.

2) Kysymyksesi = Your question

3) Nimi = Name

4) Sähköpostiosoite = Email

5) Type answer to secret question: joulukuu