Spotted on - Google are in the processing of putting a flippin' enormous solar power system on the roof of their headquarters. There's lots of in depth information in the announcement on of their supplier's website, EI Solutions, but it doesn't tell whether or not any of this solar energy will be used to power the massive server farms that Google runs - some 450,000 machines. It'd be pretty satisfying to know that when I Google something that the energy used was coming from the sun...

"Google's headquarters in Mountain View, CA will soon become America's largest solar electric installation on a single corporate site, and one of the largest such projects in the world, according to solar power systems integrators EI Solutions."

"The solar firm will build an installation at the Googleplex with a total capacity of 1.6 megawatts ("enough to supply 1,000 average California homes," according to EI's press release). Equipment will include 9,212 solar panels by Sharp Electronics, to be placed on rooftops and parking lot tops throughout Google's campus."

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