In yesterday's Guardian there's was an interesting column by George Monbiot on the recent green announcements from leading supermarkets. Personally I'm often in two mind when reading Monbiot's columns. He often makes some really good points but also some very sweeping statements that make me feel quite demoralised or he implies that nothing will ever be good enough.

I've been following the seeming conversion of retailers like Walmart, Marks and Spencer and now (seemingly not wanting to miss the green band wagon) Tesco. Walmart buying renewable energy, M&S carbon neutral proposal etc are all good, bold steps even if they should have been taken already.

But how do these policies sit with Walmart and Tesco's out of town drive to only stores or M&S plethora of pre-packed meals. Not to mention putting local stores out of business and squeezing small suppliers?

It's often a discussion we have here in the office, which can be generally put under 'what to do when a bad guy does good?' dilemmas. Basically it comes to praising the good stuff but being clear on not endorsing the company as a whole and highlighting what they are still doing wrong. Take McDonalds, now good on climate friendly refrigeration, changed their Amazon policy for the better but still serving rubbish, over packaged food.

This time I do agree completely with Monbiot's thoughts - Strange as it is for campaigners like us to hear multinational CEO's speaking like the converted, it's not a sign to sit back and relax - just to up the ante another notch.