This bit of feedback from one of my personal heroes, Kathy Sierra, made my day:

Greenpeace takes a novel, inspiring approach to a campaign to make Apple 'green'. Rather than attacking the company, it encourages Apple fans to get involved creatively as a way to "help" Apple design a "new, cool product."

The first words on the main page of the campaign are, We love Apple.

(Kathy was a speaker at the SXSW conference last year, and much of what she had to say about creating passionate users has been gospel for me ever since. Her background may be the game industry, but she's a great resource for anyone creating online communities or trying to assemble a global network with the modest ambition of saving the world.)

Some of what Kathy talks about went into the thinking about Green my Apple. Below is just some of the User Generated Content which should give you an idea of the passion we tapped into. I passed a few of these around to Greenpeace Senior Management at a recent meeting, and got the following feedback: "Our AUDIENCE made this stuff? It doesn't suck!" Well, ok, this particular audience is Apple users, after all, but our Executive Director made the point that most of this is clearly professional work, and it's a creative outpouring that puts to shame the argument that "We shouldn't ask our audience for suggestions, because it will look like we've run out of ideas" held in some corners of the organization.

But turning the campaign over to the audience also invites contributions for stuff we CAN'T do, like this outrageous set of spoof diaries from Steve Jobs.

Happy clicking! Currently at the Green my Apple site, we're only featuring a few of these contributions. I've been tagging contributions with "greenmyapple" using, which automatically pops them into the RSS feed here, but if anyone can think of a quicker way to automatically get this stuff featured, ideally with a thumbnail instead of a text link, be glad to hear about it. It's coming in faster than we can process it!