Green my Apple AmsterdamOn Saturday, together with volunteers, I visited the 2 Apple stores in Amsterdam to spread the Green Apple message to Dutch Mac fans.

Early on Saturday morning the Dutch Greenpeace office was busy with volunteers stickering 800 green organic apples with the GreenmyApple website address. The early turn out was impressive considering there was a party on the Arctic Sunrise docked in Amsterdam the night before!

Before starting we politely explained our activity and objectives to the staff of the Apple stores. While obviously not overjoyed to have us outside they where friendly and understood the campaign.

Two teams distributed organic green apples and campaign flyers to store customers, spoke to those interested in the campaign and took photos of Apple fans who want love their Mac but wish it came in green.

Others people visited the cities magazine stores to insert flyers in Mac magazines to spread the word beyond just the Apple storefronts.

Some of the more technically minded amongst us changed the homepages of Macs in stores across the city to or added the greenmyapple wallpaper. Giona even showed off the video capabilities of the Mac by making and uploading a quick message for Steve direct from the Apple store.

Over all it was a successful activity, people who stopped to talk to us were generally very supportive of the campaign. One even claimed he would take the message to Steve Jobs personally. Check out more pictures of the day and see what you can do to help make Apple green!