Having a little fun resetting the homepages in Mac stores to Greenmyapple.orgNot content with the popular Green my Apple website we hit London today to take the Green my Apple message in to the real world at the Mac Expo in London, which starts tomorrow. Like the committed activists we obviously are we hit the streets early for a bit of a warm up the night before by heading over to Regent Street and the Mac Mecca of the London Apple store.

Well actually I have to confess this was my first visit to a Mac store proper and given the driving rain I had to be pursued by Giona (our resident office Mac addict) to hit the streets rather than going straight for dinner!

While Giona enviously eyed the Mac's I distracted him back to the task in hand - a spot of Apple store subversion - when we could get a space at a Mac, the Safari homepage somehow became greenmyapple.org on at least 3 shiny new Macs in the store.

Later we gave the funky campaign t-shirt a first public outing, much to the bemusement of store security, and despite the cold even a brief photo outside the plush store front. All a good warm up for Mac Expo tomorrow where we'll be staffing the Green my Apple store and spreading the green apple message amoung the Mac faithful.