saraipod.jpgAll the Apple users in the Greenpeace office here in Amsterdam are hiding behind the clean lines of their Apple monitors, squirrelling away their iPods, and placing their arms protectively about their iBooks.

But despite the fact we're going head to head with Cupertino, we're not confiscating anybody's precious Apple. We've just launched the Green my Apple campaign.

We're asking Apple users worldwide to be the ones to make Apple do the right thing: get rid of the toxics in their product lines and introduce a world-wide take-back and recycle scheme. Simple, really.

We're not going to bungee-jump into the next MacWorld. We aren't hanging banners on Apple HQ. We want that "Snakes on a Plane" effect: people getting passionate about the campaign because they've had a hand in creating it. We need T-shirts! (Every good campaign begins with the T-shirt, sez one Greenpeace wag).

We're offering video and images under a Creative Commons license for people to remix. We're looking to harness all that LOVE that Apple generates and concentrate it into one vast rainbow-raygun beam that melts the heart of Steve Jobs and makes him stop poisoning children and small animals in the e-waste graveyards of China and India.

So pick up the challenge. Whatever you do, tag it: Drop us a line about it.

Come on, Steve-o. You've already saved Apple. Now Save the World.