© Greenpeace/Ingrid Frankhauser

Just been looking at photographs from the Mirno More peace fleet trip on the Greenpeace Austria website, with lots of happy faces on board a Greenpeace yacht in the Adriatic.

Mirno More means "peaceful ocean" in Croatian, and is organised every year by an Austrian social NGO, Started 15 years ago following the Yugoslavian war, to give refugee children from the war regions a possibility to hook up with their origins while spreading the peace message.


© Greenpeace/Ingrid Frankhauser

This year the Mirno More gave 250 children the chance to go sailing for a week and to experience community, tolerance, understanding crossing borders and having fun together. All the children came from social or medical care projects: refugees, children with disabilties, Romanian streetkids living in Austria now, SOS Kinderdorf kids and from various CEE countries like Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria. This September, 75 ships took part in the sailing flotilla along the Croatian coast, with more than 750 people onboard.

By the way - if you take a look at the banner in the photograph above SOS Weltmeer, for non-German speakers means "Defending our Oceans".

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