We love our Macs but Mac Expo doesn’t love Green my Apple

vounteers.jpgAfter a very small trial run yesterday at the Regent Street’s Apple store the Green my Apple team took the message to London’s big annual Mac shindig –Mac Expo.

We had our official stall explaining the campaign – our volunteers outside were handing out real organic green apples to spread the word outside and encourage people to stop by the stall and show their support for a better greener Apple.

Most visitors were very interested and showed support for the campaign by signing up online or writing to Steve. But it seems other exhibitors where not so happy.

Behind the scenes key exhibitors were complaining that we were spreading the message for a greener Apple. On request of said mystery exhibitor(s) (any guesses?) we were told to stop handing out leaflets beyond our stall. We did that but again mystery exhibitors and according to security couple of visitors continued to complain about our friendly presence. It seems that the message of a Greener Apple is not welcome by some powerful forces at Mac Expo.

Of course I don’t know for sure which exhibitors complained or any of their grounds for complaint. But you do have to ask why the giving away of a free organic apple and politely engaging with Apple users who are interested in improving Apple’s environmental performance is grounds to have security close our stand we had paid for in the Expo and force us to leave the premises?

So we were only allowed in Mac Expo for four and a half hours - but just removing us from an Expo doesn’t change the fact that many Mac users want a Green Apple. Cupertino, are you listening?

More images of the days events can be found on Flickr.

UPDATE 27/10/2006: Green my Apple returns to Mac Expo »

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