On November 8, 2013 the world stood still and witnessed the largest tropical cyclone ever recorded in history make landfall in Tacloban, Philippines. The scale and magnitude of the damage it left behind was unprecedented and shocking, killing thousands and leaving millions homeless. It was  hell on earth.

Survivors from Typhoon Haiyan could not even begin to understand the fate that befell them. “My family is all gone … Why did this happen to me?” Loss, misery and desolation engulfed everyone as stories of terrifying experiences were told.

Calls for help came quickly, with an outpouring of aid and relief from all over the world. It was overwhelming how the world came together in providing support for the Philippines.

As we commemorate the first year’s anniversary of Typhoon Haiyan, we remember the lives of the six thousand that have passed on; we recall the horrific encounter of the survivors.

Aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. 11/12/2013 © Matimtiman / Greenpeace

But most importantly, we remind the rest of the world that this is what the future will look like for innocent victims that are on the frontline in the biggest environmental, humanitarian and security war.

Climate change.

The planet is warming. The ice is melting. The sea is rising. These are the symptoms of a sick planet. The urgency for this climate crisis is clear and present, but we should not allow the mad doctors in the guise of the fossil fuel industry to steer the planet to its demise – for it has survived for over 4 billion years. But will WE survive along with it?

We will rise up from being victims of climate oppression. We  will fight back to reclaim our climate and stand in solidarity together with our friends in the Marshall

Islands, Tuvalu, Tokelau, Solomon Islands and Kiribati.

There is no denying anthropogenic climate change. Since the industrial age, fossil fuel industries have been polluting and pillaging the planet indiscriminately, thinking they are invincible. We are putting a stop to that and pulling them off their high horses. The big polluters will be made to  pay for the damage  they have caused.

Climate Walk in Manila. 10/02/2014 © Nathaniel Garcia / Greenpeace

Stand with us as we carry on this David and Goliath battle. We need your voice to reach the world leaders to hold the big polluters to account.

Together, we will be empowered and be the heroes of this planet. Together we will make history in ensuring a habitable planet for our children and the future generations.

Join us: http://grnpc.org/IgHB9

Anna Abad is a Climate Justice Campaigner at Greenpeace Southeast Asia - Philippines.