Mahi Sideridou, in our European Unit writes:

The European Union is currently trying to decide on the future of its energy sector. The European Commission is asking for people's opinion on a number of energy issues, so that it can develop new policies.

Europe could and should do much more to start a global energy revolution. It should be committing itself to protecting the climate by embracing renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and conservation. It should be phasing out polluting and dangerous technologies, like nuclear energy and coal.

This is your chance to tell the European Commission what you want your energy future to look like.

We are trying to change their minds - and we need your help.

You can find their on-line questionnaire here in a few languages.

The most important question for Greenpeace is question 8.

It asks: 'What should the EU do to ensure that Europe, taken as a whole, promotes the diversification of energy supplies?'

One of the suggested answers, outrageously enough, is to promote nuclear energy, an answer that only a nuclear industry lobbyist could love. The risk of nuclear accidents, the production of highly radioactive waste and the threat of nuclear weapons proliferation are but a few reasons why nuclear power needs to be phased out.

We have answered 'use more renewable energy sources' and 'be leader in energy efficiency'.

To see the full list of answers (some of them are technical, but not all) that Greenpeace gave to this questionnaire, click here.

If you have the time fill out the whole questionnaire, you can add to the voices across Europe that reject a dirty energy future.

Want to know more? See what we think of Europe's policies on climate change and energy.

Thanks for your help!