When Apple CEO Steve Jobs made his "A Greener Apple" statement he acknowledged that Apple fans expected more from Apple. We wanted to send him a permanent memento and reminder of the great work many Apple fans had sent us via our Green my Apple website. But Steve is obviously a busy man - how to get a suitable memento to him in an appropriate manner?

Enter Goina, our resident Apple aficionado, with a great solution. Why not use Apple software (Aperture) to make a book of the best Green my Apple designs, comments and actions and use Apple's photo book feature to have Apple print and mail the Green my Apple book straight to Steve. A sweet solution indeed.

Sometime today an Apple photo book box should be arriving at Steve's office with a stylish thank you and a reminder that his first statement was just a start to a "Greener Apple" and there's a lot of folks hoping he stays the course towards being a green leader. As Goina put it, "I would love to see Steve's face opening the box with the Apple logo outside and the greenmyapple designs inside".

Check out Steve's book for yourself and the video of how it was made and delivered direct to Steve via Apple:

The book is a conclusion of the audience participation part of our popular Green my Apple campaign.

However it's not the end of the campaign. We'll be making sure Apple and other major computer companies' stick to the green commitments they have been making. You can help by challenging computer makers to take the next step and be the first to put a computer on the market completely free of the worst chemicals.