Just a quick insight in to the creative process behind the scenes here in the office. On Thursday I had mostly finished an article on companies advertising around Live Earth to burnish their climate friendliness but continuing climate-changing business as usual, in other words classic greenwashing. But as well as being stumpted for a title I was really stuck for a good image for the story. A quick image search turned up this and my favourite:

BP greenwash subversion

While BP is often rightly held up the number one greenwash example, neither was really suitable. We obviously needed to whip up a new graphic.

By Friday lunchtime Elaine, our web graphics whiz, had created this that fitted the bill perfectly:

Climatewash - it's the all new greenwash

Creative Commons License

Looking at other images and thinking what words to include in the graphic also helped me come up with a title, 'Climatewash - It's the new greenwash'. For the wordsmiths and google nerds out there, it seems we also coined a new term. Apart that is, from climatewash.com being registered to some obscure Heating & Cooling company since 1999!