Morgunbladid cartoonOver the weekend I was randomly and socially checking my email ...ok ok I was working... but then so was my Campaign Director, Mads, as was evidenced by a particularly amusing email in my inbox. Our Nordic Oceans Campaigner Frode Pleym has been immortalised in a cartoon in Icelandic daily paper Morgunbladid. (Sources tell me this is the second time this has happened but I have yet to track down the first cartoon, probably Frode has bought them all up and they're stashed under a pile of very boring campaign documents where no-one will ever be brave enough to look).

In the cartoon Mr Pleym is force-feeding fresh (and seemingly raw) whalemeat to the Icelandic Fisheries Minister and his whaling buddy Kristjan Loftsson (they look nonplussed at his choice of cuisine).

The headline says "Whaling for Kristjan" and "Greenpeace says there is no market for whale meat". Frode is apparently saying to the unfortunate dining party "You have to eat this yourselves, down to every last gram". Obviously we've made quite an impact in Icelandic media.

I texted Frode upon seeing the cartoon and told him he'd better get in touch because Billy Idol had called and wants his haircut back. No reply so far.