Here's some cool "fly on the wall" footage from the recent action in Papua New Guinea.

The following is written by Raoni Hammer - an activist from New Zealand on board the Esperanza - who took part in the action.

Three days of sunsets and sunrises, driving rain and sauna-like sun - perched precariously 40 metres up on top of the SV Harbour Gemini’s main log loading crane was an inspirational experience! Up high on the crane we had an amazing overview of the nearby rainforest and it’s abundant life, from the largest Harpy eagles and flocks of colourful birds to evening visits from hundreds of masquerading moths.

It felt like a privilege to be invited by the local resource owners to raise awareness of the situation on the ground, their rainforest being destroyed.

Everyday long canoes filled with villagers paddled around up and shouted and sang encouragement.

The other 3 crew of my climb team - all Papua New Guineans - were reveling in their role as crane occupiers, armed with flutes, songs and laughter we made sure there was never a dull moment between the seriousness of media interviews over the satellite phone.

It felt like an honour to be a messenger of this dire situation of these local clan’s livelihood to the world.