From the BBC "Day in Pictures" series, this great AFP capture of the arrest of an activist in Indonesia. The caption at the BBC doesn't mention the subject of the action (forest policy), and the strength of the photo is beyond that specific. This has some iconic qualities. It says something about confrontation, determination, and non-violence. The eyes of the police are everywhere except to camera, though the faces of the two in front look to me to be entirely aware of the camera, while the third at the feet hasn't composed his face. The green the activist is wearing stands in opposition to the grey of the uniforms, and the only other patch of color in the shot is the single bit of nature visible in an otherwise black white and grey artificiallity: the leaves in the distance. The activist's gesture conveys a danger we don't see, but which the helmet far in the background and the third cop's expression also suggest. And that badge just dominates the foreground of the picture's motion. Beautifully composed, there's an unanswered question, an unfinished sentence here, which leaves the viewer with a decision about whose side they're on.