Kathy Sierra is a visionary among web and applications developers, who includes gratuitous puppy pictures in her presentations. She claims they induce a chemical response in the brains of her audience that make them pay better attention. I think she's just got a soft spot for puppies.

She delivered the keynote address at the SxSW conference here in Austin, Texas, where Greenpeace has been nominated for a Web award for the Green my Apple site.

She wrote an appreciation of the campain at her must-read blog, Creating Passionate Users, calling it a "novel, inspiring approach" to helping Apple create a cool, green product with the help of its fans.

I had a chance to talk to her after the speech, thanked her for the blog mention, gave her a button, and lamented that I had really hoped to get a picture of her hugging her Mac for our Green my Apple Flickr group, but it was all packed up. With a long line of folks still wanting to get their 30 seconds of face time, she said she'd love to, and unpacked it!

When the gal who wrote the book on creating passionate users is one of your passionate users, you know you´re doing something right.

Come on Apple -- if you won't introduce a 100% take back policy or phase out of hazardous chemicals in your product line for us, then do it for Kathy! And all your users like her who say "We love our Macs, we just wish they came in green."