Kleercut campaign site

Great activism story from the Washington Post:

"Wiping away ancient forests," warned a note found inside a box bought recently at a drug store in New York by a stuffy-nosed reporter. "Here's a little secret that Kimberly-Clark, the largest tissue maker in the world and parent company of Kleenex, does not want you to know."

Which prompted a typical response from Kleenex:

"We take any and all comments about any foreign materials in products extremely seriously," said David Dickson, a spokesman for Kimberly-Clark. He then called corporate security.

Never mind those ancient forests, someone's tampering with our tissues!!!!

The activists obviously have a sense of humour, unlike Mr Dickson:

Dickson said the company has received a handful of calls about the leaflets. None of the leaflet incidents could be confirmed, he said. In one case, a caller complained about the leaflets but left a telephone number that led to a Greenpeace office.

Of course we'd never ever dream of sanctioning such subversive activities but the article does say how it can be done:

A reporter was able to slide a folded piece of paper underneath the perforated cardboard of an unopened box of Kleenex. With a little manipulating, it may be possible to insert the paper so that it lies on top of the tissues.

More on Kimberly Clark destroying ancient forests to make tissues at Kleercut.net