baneberrytest.jpgRémi Parmentier, longtime Greenpeace activist and once branded as a "nasty little agitator" writes today in his blog:

When I read that the North Korean authorities claim that their underground nuclear test has not "resulted in any leak of radiation", what comes immediately to my mind is this photo of the venting of the US Baneberry "underground" test in the Nevada desert in 1970. Greenpeace was the first, in 1981, to leak this now iconic picture; it was Allan Thornton (from Greenpeace at the time) who put his hand on it in Washington DC.

The use of nuclear weapons explosions for political and "diplomatic" purposes is always appauling. In all circumstances.


What could have been the most effective response in the last few days when North Korea threatened to perform its nuclear test? Wouldn't it have been for the US and Chinese governments to announce that they would ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) of 24 September 1996?

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