rainbow warrior II at sunsetFor twenty two years she’s been our trusty workhorse, a symbol of inspiration, a bringer of hope and a home for her hundreds of crew. But now it’s time for the Rainbow Warrior to move on.

In 1989 the Grampian Fame, a fishing trawler built in 1957, became the Rainbow Warrior. Twenty two years later the Rainbow Warrior will start a new life. We’re not quite ready to announce what she’ll be doing yet, but she will have a new name, and a new occupation.

For now, we’d like to ask everyone who has a memory of the Rainbow Warrior to leave it on this page. Perhaps you remember her campaigns in the Pacific to end nuclear testing, or her work to document the impacts of the Exxon Valdex oil spill in Alaska. Maybe you first heard of her when she exposed exports of illegal timber from the Congo, or took action against the coal industry.

In October, a new Warrior will take her place. But for now we want to salute her as she is.

Whether you sailed with her, visited her, or simply followed her story through TV and newspapers we’d like to hear from you.  Leave your memories in the comments on this post, and we will see that they travel with the ship as she begins her new life.

UPDATE August 12: We have now collected the comments to date and will send these on the ship. You can keep on writing your memories here of course, but we won't be able to send these on with the Rainbow Warrior II.