Hannah and Luke have been living in an Arctic survival pod suspended under the belly of a giant oil rig. They've been there now for three days. It's not easy - even if the pod shelters them from most of the bad weather, it's still a tiny little thing, and they're in a hostile environment.

Yet, they're hanging in there, stepping up to say the Arctic drilling is dangerous and unnecessary. It's a message a lot of people don't want to hear (though it's not just Greenpeace saying it). They're prepared to stay there as long as they can.

Send them some happy thoughts and positive vibes in comments below - they'll log in every now and then from their solar powered laptop. And support their action with one of your own: Write to Cairn Energy and ask them to make their oil spill response plan plublic.

REPLY FFROM LUKE & HANNAH: We are blown away by this support. It is incredible to see your messages from all over the world and gives us so much strength to carry on as long as possible. Thank you all for being up here in the pod with us!

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