Making Waves got an email this morning, from the Greenpeace UK webteam. It seems we've been listed as number 10 in the best UK green blogs by The Daily (Maybe) blog. Of course, we're delighted to have gained this recognition - trailing behind sucn luminaries as George Monbiot and Paul Kingsnorth, as well as The Guardian's Paul Tatchall. And not to forget to commend the winner, Kitchen Witch.

Funny thing is, Making Waves isn't really a UK blog. Yes, we've got British contributors. If it has a nationality, Making Waves is Dutch, as its run out of the Greenpeace International office in Amsterdam. But that doesn't even really explain it. We've got contributors in, yes, the Netherlands and UK, but also New Zealand, Sweden, the US, Ireland and even Bermuda! There's probably more locations - as our writer's list is growing all the time. So, if anything, it's a globally-focussed blog.

I hope this does't disqualify us...

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In other news, one of our Amsterdam folk, Christina, forwarded this this morning, from the Financial Times. It's a very interesting article about how blogging is striking fear into the corporate heart. I feel so guilty.

"The ease of online communication is undermining companies' control of their image and reputation. The internet has long been a powerful medium for anti-corporate messages with material remaining accessible long after it is first published."

Greenpeace-related quote:

"Activists in other spheres are following suit. Greenpeace now posts videos on

YouTube and has a MySpace page. On the US version, it currently has more than

27,000 "friends". It does put us on a more level playing field,' says Tracy

Frauzel, who manages online communications for Greenpeace UK. 'The internet is

becoming a conversation among a large group of people rather than just the

companies with the biggest budgets.'"

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