Rainbow Warrior blocked in by fishing boats in Marseille

© Greenpeace

The Rainbow Warrior arrived in Marseille at aroud 8.15am, as part of it's Mediterranean Tuna campaign- it's anchored currently a mile outside the harbour entrance, and completely blocked in by 25 French fishing vessels! [More on this as we get news]

The harbour authorities had earlier tried to stop the RW from entering Marseille - but the Provence-Marseille District Authority and the the city mayor overturned the decision.

Rainbow Warrior blockaded in Marseille

© Roger Grace/Greenpeace

A large purse seiner comes dangerously close alongside the Rainbow Warrior in an intimidating move.

Francois campaigner on board, said that “we were given authorisation last month to come into Marseille for a public campaign to protect the Mediterrnaean Sea, and no good reason has been given as to why this permission has been revoked... Greenpeace will not give in to threats and intimidation by industrial fishermen - and neither should the authorities in Marseille."

It's no secret that the Mediterranean blue fin tuna stock is on the verge of collapse due to overfishing - just this week the Bouches-du-Rhone Recreational Fisherman's Federation warned that their local tuna fishery is in deep crisis. There's obvious need for talk and postive here - not bullying tactics by the fishing industry! Since June, the Rainbow Warrior has been documenting Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish and Japanese blue fin tuna fishing vessels. We've called called for the immediate closure of the fishery due to the impacts of over fishing.

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