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Please let me introduce the crew member formerly known as Mike Mate and his fabulous new blog "MasterMike". Mike has just left Malta on the Rainbow Warrior and although he has sailed with Greenpeace many times as First Mate this is his first time as captain. He writes eloquently, with wit and humour and I just wanted to give him a plug on here since he truly deserves a wider audience. I love following his regular updates just as much as the official crew blogs.

Here's one my favourite bits from Master Mike's blog:

I find the boatswain and the rest of the crew down in the hold, they’re doing rope work. “Old man wants the sails up” I call down to them. Crew come up the ladder and, with hardly a word, they go about preparing the ship to sail. The booms are swung out and secured with the preventer rope such that the jib is furthest out, followed by the main sail, then the others - each successively more inboard than the one in front. Phil, the boatswain, stands on the forecastle with me. He has a yellow remote control unit with four buttons in his hands with which to operate two electric winches. I look down on the deck and there is a crew member standing by each mast with a similar remote control. In perfect synchronicity each crew electrically unfurls the sails whilst, at the same time, hauling on the outhaul - we are now motor sailing.