The Arctic 18Our delegation of 18 from the Esperanza and Arctic Sunrise were arrested on board the Cairn oil rig Leiv Eiriksson on Saturday. Four days later they are still in jail.

They boarded the rig to ask for Cairn’s secret Oil Spill Response Plan. After weeks of Cairn hiding the plan and making limp excuses for it we decided to go directly to the rig because if it’s anywhere that would be the one place where it could be found. The delegation was not allowed to see the plan and Cairn still refuses to make it public. All 18 were arrested and taken by helicopter to Nuuk in Greenland.

They’ve been charged with trespassing and breaching security zone, fined 30,000 dkk and will be deported for their action in defense of the Arctic.

As always, our activists are prepared for the consequences of direct action. It’s a measure of their commitment that they’re willing to risk their freedom and back here on the ships we’re proud to call them friends and crewmates. We’re doing everything we can to secure their speedy release and have passed on messages of support from friends and family.

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