How realistic is this video? Well, people do bring their kids to protests. (And why not? It can be a nice day out for a bit of a walk. Get away from the game console and learn a bit about free speech.) Reminds me of the kids in this climate camp video.

What if we all started bringing kids to climate protests? After all, they're going to have to live with our decisions.

I came across Moms Against Climate Change video on Grist, while reading about a recent poll showing that while scientists are becoming more and more sure about climate change, people in the US are becoming less sure.

Maybe it's the economy taking up all the worry space, maybe it's the massive disinformation campaign from coal and oil companies or maybe it's just climate change is not an easy thing to communicate. It's like a boiling frog. Maybe we need to do a better job communicating.

Clearly, what we're doing now isn't enough.