Emergency mobilization this Saturday, September 24th, people. Get your wheels on.

At more than 2000 events in 175 countries, folks who are fed up with our politicians ignoring the big red flashing "Check Engine" light on the planet's dashboard are getting out of the car and walking, biking, skating, pogo-sticking to events where we'll be declaring, loud and clear, that it's time to move this planet beyond fossil fuels.

This Saturday 24th September, 350.org is partnering with dozens of organisations around the world, including Greenpeace, for a global day of action, Moving Planet. We're not literally moving to a new planet, but we are rallying to move the planet beyond fossil fuels.

We're doing that with people power - on bikes, skateboards or on feet, people will be rallying in the thousands  - all carrying demands to our leaders to think about the next generation, not the next election, and implement solutions for a clean energy future.

It's part of our escalating efforts to unstick the planet from the political impasse and the globalised addiction to fossil fuels.

Join in. Speak up.

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You can find an event near you at moving-planet.org.  No event? Start your own! No statement is too big or too small.

And don't forget to SEND PICTURES of your participation. Instructions are here. Photos and videos of the events will be projected at a rally outside UN Headquarters in New York City, where world leaders will be gathered for the UN General Assembly. Make your message heard.

Ready? Set? GO...