Defending our Oceans stickersBy Xiao Wei, vocalist and guitarist from Chinese band 'Catcher in the Rye'

I was born in Beijing, a big noisy city without forests and faraway from the oceans. I have a Rn'R band named "the Catcher in the Rye". Now we are volunteers of GREENPEACE. This year I joined the "Save the paradise forests" action by GP in Papua New Guinea. It was really an unforgettable great experience for me in my life. Yes, it change my mind!

When I put on the t-shirts "Save the Paradise Forests" or "Forests Patrol" or "Defending our Oceans", I can feel the honor and the duty. When I tell the story about my green trip to PNG on TV or on the radio, I can feel the listeners are touched. Now I am writing a song in both Chinese and English about Greenpeace. I think the music can touch more people's hearts and awake them to cherish the nature and do something they can to save it. I think everyone can do something for the future. We chose recycled papers for the cover of our new album. I do believe in the power of music.

Every time I saw the beautiful lovely stickers of ocean Animals on my Gibson guitar box, I say to myself "Go on, you do it better!"